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From January 2020 our older model Interview Recorders ( PDRS, DRS and ADRS) will no longer be serviced/maintained due to units now in the end of life cycle
Recommendations for cleaning TPR Interview Recorders
  1. To prepare for cleaning the recorder and touchscreen, power down the device.
  2. Do not spray the isopropyl alcohol directly on the recorder or screen to avoid the liquid entering inside. Instead, use a sprayed micro-fibre cloth or a dampened cloth with the excess moisture squeezed off.
  3. Select only non-abrasive cleaning wipes or cloths to avoid scratching touchscreen.
  4. Wipe the surfaces with the appropriate wipes or cloths and allow them to dry.
  5. Only use recommended isopropyl alcohol which can be purchased from:                                                                                                                                             https://www.bunnings.com.au/diggers-125ml-isopropyl-cleaning-alcohol_p1564443                                                                                                             https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/diggers-isopropyl-alcohol-spray125ml-l6235125dg
  6.   For information regarding environmental cleaning and disinfection principles for covid-19 please visit www.health.gov.au

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