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Proven reliability over 30 years

We constantly review our customer’s operational and technical requirements and we maintain world class standards.

TPR Systems design and manufacture Verifiable Interview Recording Equipment to suit the operational and technical requirements of Law Enforcement agencies, Judiciary, State and Government Departments including Police for conducting indisputable “Records of Interview”.

Whilst operating a successful electronics manufacturing business, TPR founder, Ian McWhirter developed an innovative idea for ensuring tamper proof tape recordings of interviews in 1977. Following several years of development enlisting the laboratory resources of 3M and intensive testing by the Latrobe University, the TPR Systems Verifiable Recorder was released in the late 1980’s.

In 2001 TPR Systems commenced development of Digital Interview Recording Equipment. Tasmania Police were the first to purchase our next generation digital interview recording equipment in 2005. TPR Systems currently have over 1000 digital systems in use by various Law Enforcement Agencies including Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania Police Services, AFP, Australian Crime Commission, Australian Customs Service and Australian Defence Forces just to name a few.

These units are in constant use and by necessity are extremely reliable.

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We value trust and our systems are designed to be reliable. Continuous monitoring ensures trouble free recordings and a solid state hard drive system protects and backs-up recordings. Recordings are digitally signed as they are recorded so it is possible to prove absolutely that a particular recording is complete and unchanged.

TPR Systems has over 1000 digital systems in use by various Law Enforcement Agencies across Australia and has been a market leader for the last 30 years. We constantly review the needs of our clients and are researching and appraising standards and developments globally.

TPR has a strong focus on understanding the needs of its clients. We work closely with clients on bespoke requirements and to ensure our products are sophisticated yet simple and easy to use.

TPR Systems Pty Ltd. is committed to providing outstanding products and service in the marketing, sales, assembly, distribution and maintenance of verifiable audio and video recording systems.

Our quality objectives are to maintain our customer satisfaction and to continue to improve our products and service in our industry.

To achieve this we have established, will maintain and will continually improve the effectiveness of a quality management system which complies with ISO 9001:2016. This quality management system provides the framework for establishing and reviewing this policy and these objectives.

The quality management system ensures that TPR Systems Pty Ltd meets all of its applicable requirements.

Through effective communication and training we will ensure that all our personnel have a sound understand of this policy and the quality management system.

Our focus, our commitment and our training will ensure our policy is fulfilled.

This policy will be reviewed at all Management Review Meetings.

TPR System’s Covid safety plan is in place from Feb 2020 and complies with the NSW Govt guidelines. The safety plan will help protects our staff, customers and visitors. TPR is  registered as Covid safe business and follows QR code that is accessed by NSW Health Authorities for contact tracing purposes.



TPR Clients

TPR has been designing, manufacturing and perfecting interview recording systems for over 30 years, with over 3000 interview recorders provided.

TPR Systems has been awarded and has completed numerous supply contracts, and is currently supplying and supporting over 50 State, Federal, and International enforcement agencies and courts with verifiable interview recordings systems.

Some of these agencies include:

NSW Police Force, Northern Territory Police, Queensland Police Service, South Australia Police, Tasmania Police and Western Australia Police Force. Other Agencies include Commonwealth and State Law Enforcement Agencies and Australian Defence Forces.

References are available from most agencies as required.

Contact us for some examples of bespoke solutions and implementations for clients.

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