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Interview Recorders

‘FR Series’ is the latest hand held Audio and Video interview recording equipment designed to do recordings outside the office. FR recorder can record up to 2 hours and is encrypted. The recording should be transferred onto TS Series equipment to get the recording on a CD/DVD. The recordings cannot be retrieved from the FR directly onto a computer due to security issues.


‘TS Series’ is a new generation of  portable and desktop audio and video interview recording equipment designed specifically for police departments and government agencies. Systems offer flexible recording media and formats and can record up to 12 hours in high definition. Our recorders are compact, light weight, easy to operate and can be configured to suit your requirements.


TPR Advantages

Recordings are digitally signed and can at any time be shown to be authentic, unaltered and also show which recorder produced them.

The system uses a fully solid state hard drive to back-up and protect the recording as the interview progresses. Recorded interviews are ready to remove within 3 minutes.

Our TS Series of recorders will record a combination of audio and video with 3, 4 or 5 drive options available.

Our recorders feature various methods for transferring interview data, metadata and digital chain of evidence data to a storage repository.

DVDs and CDs playback on the recorder. The recordings can then be replayed on most PCs and stand alone CD and DVD players.

TS Series records as 25 frames per second PAL and NTSC is also available. Formats include standard MPEG4 Part 10, H264. This allows up to 12 hours high quality resolution recording.

DVDs and CDs

Your agency logo, label and design printed onto high quality CD and DVD Verbatim media. No setup fee’s and a minimum order of only 100 pieces.

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Flush-mounted microphones, boundary microphones, transcription foot pedals, and completely waterproof pelican cases for travel.

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About TPR

TPR manufactures and supplies interview recording equipment, designed and made in Australia. We have been providing customisable systems to law enforcement agencies for over 30 years.

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