20 Oct

Police Begin First Hour Procedure, Digital Recording Workshop

Fiji Sun Online: by Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
The Fiji Police Force began their three-day First Hour Procedure and Digital Recording workshop yesterday at Suvavou House.

This is a pilot project which will be implemented by the Police from the Totogo Police Station from November for six months with the intention of implementing the First Hour Procedure and the digital recording of caution interviews throughout the country at every Police Station thereafter.

The workshop aims to equip participants with the knowledge of newly developed standard operating procedures for the digital recording of evidence during caution interviews and providing every suspect with legal aid assistance within the first hour of arrest known as the First Hour Procedure.

The digital recording of the caution interview can be later used in Court and will provide greater transparency in the arrest and detention procedure.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Christopher Pryde said: “It is hoped that the use of the digital recording initiative will lessen the number of challenges in Court whilst the implementation of the First Hour Procedure will ensure all suspects are made fully aware of their Constitutional rights.”

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